Robots for harsh environments - nuclear, energy, agriculture, food, chemical industry

Robotics is the way to gather the data for planning, taking action and for the verification of results.

Planning, monitoring and verifying activities hard to reach or hazardous pools are of the utmost importance. The operator has to carefully prepare ahead and check the results after each significant step during execution.

Our robots let you deliver sensors and manipulators to the required positions, patrol along paths or survey the surface autonomously.

Interaction with the harsh environment or sample collection is a possible mission goal.

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Unique capabilities

The design of the vehicle allows for customization for specific missions.

Easy decontamination

Simple, clean surfaces, disposable modules. Parts made of stainless steel or other materials allowed in the environment


The robots configuration results in a steady platform to help data acquisition. This is useful for measuring the Cherenkov radiation.

Two in One

You get the best of both: underwater sensors for the contents of the liquid and dry sensors to collect information from the surface

Mapping and Localization

Rainboat can use lasers, sonars or cameras above the water to localize itself and provide high resolution maps of the working area.

Safe by design

No external nuts or bolts. Smart design assures the device won't submerge even with a leak and won't spray liquid into the air.


Spent fuel pool safe halogen free materials, human transportable, tethered operation, hooks for crane attachments, keeps distance from the walls


Obstacle avoidance, surface scanning, station keeping, path planning, exploration, virtual tether for safe zone, redundant thrusters, gamepad control, acquisition quality control


Specialized configuration fulfills the the needs of monitoring, verification, building or decommissioning missions. Expendable and reusable designs are both possible.

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